Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why are people upset about Obamacare?

Because our elected representatives lie and lie and lie and lie and lie.

And because the President has proven, even to his supporters, that he cannot be trusted. He promised to support gay marriage, an end to Clinton's "don't ask, don't tell", an end to extraordinary rendition, no lobbyists in his administration, transparency in legislation and administration, lower taxes if you make under $250K, racial healing, rejecting pork "line by line," to control spending, that unemployment would not exceed 8% if his stimulus was passed, that he would not duplicate Dubya's "signing statement" output, that he would never accept a nuclear Iran, that the stimulus was designed to be spent quickly and he consistently avers that Joe Biden is not a fool.

How can he be trusted on his promises regarding health care? Check this for an easy comparison between word and word, and hope there is never a deed. The only surprising part of that link is how Obama can so breezily tell an abysmally stupid lie, just after telling the rest of us to stop talking.

What must he think of us?


Anonymous said...

I know what I think, Where was all this screamming when Bush was running everything in the ground...That's when you crazy folks should have been screamming...Oh no you set back and let him get the US economy in this mess. Every move or not Obama and his administration make thye are lying and out to do us in; Most beleive this because their listening to the mobs...Hey stupid where were you under a rock with the other hacklers while Bush was in the White House.... Every person hackling and screaming reminds me of how "the crowds or mobs" got the people going(KKK)to hang innocent black people and crucify Christ. Somebody shouted and the rest of the crowd followed,they didnt need to know the truth, they didnt care to hear it(if they did they would shut up long enough to listen) they just saw an opportuinty to show and commit evil.
"The noisiest drum has nothing it it-but air"
But as usual it's the white folks who dont know how to listen...they always know more than others and end up knowing nothing... that's how the richest of the rich was tricked out of all their life savings 'Selfishness and GREED'
Take a good look at yourselves...horrid behaviors! LH in KY.

Hershblogger said...


You would have found a great deal of criticism of Bush on this site if you'd bothered to look and read, but apparently you prefer to shout out your ignorance and then leave.

And, of course, criticizing Obama evokes comparisons to the KKK. Nice projection there.

Hershblogger said...

Oh, and by the way, go check out how this staunch Obama supporter views Obamacare:

Camille Paglia

She's white, of course, but maybe being a lesbian will make up for that in your view.

Paladin said...

Gotta love 'em. They are consistent.

LH offers not one word on issues or policy. Not one word in support of an idea. Nothing to persuade anyone of the merits of the course which our president is setting for the country.

Rather, all LH can offer is another pathetic attack upon those who dissent. I suppose it is just a case of follow the leader. For this is exactly what Pelosi, et al are doing every day.

The fact that Bush spent like a drunken sailor was roundly criticized in these pages. And in any event the former president's misdeeds to not excuse or justify Obama spending like a battalion of drunken sailors.

Anonymous said...

Two big lies. And I think you only point out one: Obama lies when he says he has never supported a single payer system.

But he also lies when he tries to make a distinction between a "single-payer" system and a "universal" system. Note in the video he conflates the two. But in the so-called town-hall he makes a distinction.

He has this habit of couching his lies in a verbal labyrinth, where words are substituted for other words, where words change their meaning, and where what one said yesterday matters no more once today has dawned.