Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"A Dose of Dan"

No really, that's what it's called.

I was coming home tonight a bit later than usual, so I was exposed to a small bit of Dan Mulhern's show on Lansing's WJIM. For those not aware, Mulhern is Governor Jennifer Granholm's husband. He is notable, more than somewhat, compared to your standard local radio host.

Mulhern is really big on "leadership." His show promo uses some form of the word 3 times, he has written a book on leadership and "lead" is in the sub-head of his blog. That's background. He's a leadership trainer.

Tonight his "question of the day" was - I paraphrase - "Today we're talking about whether CEOs should continue to be paid exorbitant salaries while workers are making sacrifices." The words "exorbitant" and "sacrifices" are literal.

Now, it's OK to salt the mine like that on a radio talk show, but given his position as the husband of the Governor, and his preoccupation with the qualities and execution of leadership, I'd call that an odd way to initiate discussion on the question of leaders' pay. It betrays a bias, don't you think? Sort of rhetorical, maybe?

So, I won't be calling Dan up to arrange for a speaking engagement anytime soon. I can see how well he's doing with his wife: On a leadership per dollar basis there is no one more overpaid in this state than Jennifer Granholm.

Update: 9:08PM Forgot to include these 2 links re: Mulhern's abilities as an interviewer and as an interviewee.

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