Monday, May 21, 2007

Loyal opposition?

The Democrats tell us "This war is lost." If I believed as they do, I would think it evil not to hew to the principle that no more American soldiers should be inconvenienced, much less wounded or killed, in Iraq. Not for for one more second. If I had the Democrat conviction, I would insist on immediate withdrawal. I would not debate a timeline. I would want the troops home now.

If, in addition, I claimed that my party’s election to control of Congress was a mandate by the American people to withdraw the troops, I would make it my duty to see that they be withdrawn. I would not back down, and I would not expect enforcing this people’s mandate to require any mincing about… if I believed in the “mandate.”

I would consider that such a buffoonish and vapid gesture as holding up a bill funding the troops in order to propose a date-certain for withdrawal an indication that my leaders did not, in fact, believe in this “mandate.” Such a course would be morally repugnant to me, because the troops should be out right now, and by waffling on this I leave them there while increasing their risk. I would call it a sell out of principle. Many far left Democrat supporters believe exactly that. About this, they are correct.

So, were I continually yammering about "the will of the people," and a “lost war,” I could not possibly explain this reversal Dems Set War Bill Without Iraq Timeline without using the phrase "I am a venal hypocrite.” I could not dare speak the words “I support the troops.” I would choke on them.

All in all, if I believed what Democrats believe these days, I could not even console myself with billions of dollars of pork in the replacement bill to fund the troops.

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