Monday, May 07, 2007

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The New York Times wonders how George Bush prepares for a state dinner with Queen Elizabeth. Actually, the Times wonders how the parody of George Bush which serves as their mental model prepares for such a dinner. For example -
It will be closely watched by the social elite for its collision of cultures — Texas swagger meets British prim. Dinner attire is white tie and tails, the first and, perhaps, only white-tie affair of the Bush administration. The president was said to be none too keen on that, but bowed to a higher power, his wife.
The Times has more overtly demeaning passages, but I'm going to send you to The Anchoress for more, because she presents a nice example of how a parallel story about President Clinton might have read. Read it here.

H/T Captain's Quarters

Update: 8-May-07 9:51AM At least it's a UK paper.
Blundering Bush makes ANOTHER gaffe as he winks at the Queen

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Paladin said...

The evening of the 1992 election I was entertaining the managing director of an English software firm. Our dinner at an East Lansing restaurant began before the polls closed and continued for several hours. Thus it was conducted without knowledge of the election results. Later, to get to the street from the dining room we walked through the lounge where a television was proudly proclaiming the Clinton victory. My English friend gestured at the tele and remarked "one can't quite picture him metting the Queen can one?"

Of course this dry comment turned out to be prescient in light of the stained dress.