Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nofang and Blacktruth

Apologies to Soupy Sales.

Now that Mike Nifong has been disbarred for what is certainly the most reprehensible public behavior of any prosecutor in recent memory, do you think the 88 Duke faculty and support staff who commandeered his politically motivated racist bandwagon will apologize for their behavior? Do you think they'll be able to draw any parallels between what they did and what they claim to detest?

It seems unlikely they are that self-aware. Their original race baiting condemnation of the Duke Lacrosse players has been removed from the website of the Duke Department of African African American Studies. One suspects embarrassment to be the cause, but none of the 88 are admitting it.

Therefore, it isn't just an unwillingness to admit that they were wrong, but an attempt to expunge their incendiary slander from the record - AKA a cover-up. An inept cover-up, however, because the Internet doesn't have a master shredder. You still can find their little screed here. An excerpt from that infamous, if "disappeared" diatribe:

...This is not a different experience for us here at Duke University. We go to class with racist classmates, we go to gym with people who are racists....It’s part of the experience.
Students and parents might want to know who are the people who "signed" this racist accusation - in denial of the very concept of due process, and in apparent ignorance of the term "racists."

Duke doesn't want you to know that either. But, in a telling maneuver, the Star Chamber wanna-bees neglected to have a list of their names deleted from the Duke web-server until sometime after they had removed the slander. They had time to reflect on whether they still wanted to be associated with the already deleted words of which they were once proud. They decided they didn't.

Oops again, here's the list of names and positions. Academics may be intimately familiar with relativist victimhood but they are fairly clueless about ...well, reality.

They aren't going to get their show trail, and they're not even going to let you know they asked for one if they can help it. Obviously, all 88 of these ex post facto liars should resign, but especially the professors of History. Eleven of them carry that designation, and they have damaged the credibility of their discipline for their University for decades. However, since they are trying to erase what they said and deny who they are, any reasonable atonement also seems unlikely. Notwithstanding such devious cowardice, it is the cover-up that is the crime.

We might expect reparations from the University administration that agreed with this Stalinist assemblage, but it will probably require the justice system, a term easier to use since Nifong is no longer part of it, to produce any results.

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Beerme said...

An excellent indictment of the representative Duke academe. Wishful thinking on the reparations but one can't help but hope for justice...