Saturday, June 16, 2007

Shave Secret update

I recommended a product called Shave Secret back in early April. I had acquired it because of the restrictions on taking liquids on airliners. It is a light oil that comes in an eyedropper sized plastic bottle. Its purpose is eponymous. My decision to try it was based on container size more than expected performance, but I was very pleasantly surprised when I first used it.

Earlier report here.

I could not remember what I paid for it at the time of that post. But I can now report the cost, because I just bought two more vials at my local Wal-Mart: $3.69 each, plus tax. The directions call for using 3 to 5 drops. I use 4. My first use of Shave Secret was on March 31st at a hotel in Seattle. As of this morning, a bit less than half remains. Let’s call it 45%. At approximately 5.25 shaves per week over 11 weeks, that’s 57.75 shaves at about 3 cents apiece.

There’s a bonus. I have found that it actually works better with slightly older blades. For me, Shave Secret provides the perfect amount of “drag.” “Smooth” is a much overrated advertising term. What I want is control and easy removal of hair with as few strokes as possible.

New blades for even low-mid-range razors come with lubricating strips. In my experience with Shave Secret, shaves are better when the lubrication is worn away. So I am saving considerable money on blades. I get comfortable shaves about 2.5 times longer, and they are much closer, with less irritation, during and after shaving.

Pursuing this benefit, I have tried cheap disposables. The results were sub-par, though not a lot worse than worn high-end blades with traditional shaving cream. The ergonomics of a very light piece of plastic, a shaving head that does not swivel and probable lesser quality blades seem to me the culprits. It does not appear to be easy to buy higher quality blades without the lubricating strip, but I will continue to experiment.

I still highly recommend Shave Secret, especially now that we have a Michigan summer where the sweat on your face might be irritating all day.

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