Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Heroine

I am vastly grateful to you, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, for many reasons. The most recent is your calm defiance of the left's encompassing moral relativism. I aspire to such serenity in the face of idiots, because, as you demonstrated, it makes manifest their idiocy.

Many Americans do not know who you are. Still, you ably defend us against a morally adrift know nothing who is only in a position to condescend because of his descendance.

Americans who know your name may not even know you are a female. Of those you know your sex, fewer know that you were raised in a Somali family. However, those who know that much probably do know you were subject to the withering misogyny of mainstream Islam.

Your display of intellectual and physical courage is inspiring. You have seen your
friends murdered by fanatic Islamists, over things you've written opposing such hatred of women as the National Organization for Women refuses even to mentally assimilate.

That you were willing and able, without visible effort, to perfectly squelch a far-left Canadian quisling fool is humbling.

TOC has written extensively about the treatment of women by Islamists and the utter silence of American feminists on the topic. Readers may wish to browse some links included at the end of this post. At present we're considering Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and TOC has been impressed by her before:

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Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur for some traffic that inspired this followup to yesterday's post. They have a nice collection of links to other comment on the Ayaan Hirsi Ali interview here.

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

You are welcome, keep up the good work. Check out Flaggman's Canada as well he is doing a series on this.

alexb said...

A strikingly beautifull lady ready to kick any pseudo intellectual ass!