Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dear(born) in the Dhimmi-lights

Here's the original story: A 26 year-old man named Houssein Zorkot is arrested in a public park in Dearborn. At the time, he was dressed in black clothing, his face was covered with camouflage paint and he was carrying AK-47 assault rifle (probably only semi-auto, but the reporter does not specify). He has a Website extolling the virtues of the Islamic terrorist organization Hezbollah, and he is a Lebanese Shi'ite who is also a medical student - reminiscent of the UK medics here and here who have been involved in serious plots to kill "infidels."

The follow-up story is a measure of the decline of Western Civilization. It's surreal. Emphasis mine.

...what led Zorkot to take up arms is still a mystery.

"At this point, we have not been able to determine a motive," said Police Chief Mike [Clouseau] Celeski. "But this is still an ongoing investigation, and we're still collecting information."

...According to Mayor Jack O'Reilly, several of the pictures [on Zorkot's laptop computer] were taken during a recent trip by Zorkot to Lebanon, and featured him standing in front of pro-Hezbollah billboards.

...According to Zorkot's Web site,, he says he supports Lebanon and "the resistance." Hezbollah is also mentioned numerous times on the site, and is prominently featured in several photos.

However, Zorkot has not been identified as a terrorist and has yet to be linked to any terrorist group or terrorist activities, according to city officials.
OK. He's innocent until proven guilty. If he did none of the things he's charged with, speculation about his jihadist motivations, aka Islamofascism, could be out of place. Unfortunately for this argument, he announced his jihadist sympathies on the Internet. But don't take my word for it. For as long as it's available, here are his own words-

He was not water-boarded into these admissions. After he'd posted them he bought an AK-47 and took a stroll in a public park while carrying it.

In closing, I'll direct you to Debbie Schlussel here and here and Dearborn Underground here. Lots more at both sites (though I wish Dearborn Underground would stop with the hard to read centered text).

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Clearly he was just dressed up for Halloween. Don't you follow the lefty thought-pattern? They don't hate us. We just don't understand them.

And if mothers ruled the world then he wouldn't have been holding that AK-47.


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Thank you for the link. But I assure you centered text is not part of our format! It may be a problem with your machine.

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T. R. Clancy is right. On SuSe Linux 9, Windows 2000 and XP and Mac OS/X - it's Firefox that displays the site incorrectly.

Safari and IE both work fine.