Monday, November 19, 2007

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The Other Club has pointed out that the Democrats' insistence on expanding SCHIP is part of a plan to incrementally introduce socialized medicine via federally funded health care for middle class children and adults. The Democrats want to further encumber the private market by encouraging people who can afford insurance to switch to the federal program. This will shrink the private insurance risk pool, and further accustom us to federal intervention in the health care market. Hillary Clinton precisely outlined this approach in 1993.

Michelle Malkin brings us a contemporary admission that "for the children" is Liberal code for state controlled medicine. Former Governor Tom Vilsack (D-Iowa) admitted it in a speech at Drake University on Nov. 16:
I think there is going to be a commitment to universal coverage. I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be a sector by sector process. I think you either need to go in whole hog or not. We tried to sort of squeeze the middle here with doing children and doing seniors, and trying to squeeze it. If anything happens, it would more likely look something like this: you would extend eligibility for children from 200% of poverty to 300% of poverty, and create resources to insure the parents of those children.
"Create resources" is a task entirely beyond any government, it's code for "raise taxes."

Click the link to Malkin's post for more detail and the audio of Vilsack's admission.

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