Saturday, November 24, 2007

Associated Press associates take pictures on the buddy plan

Democracy Project provides interesting commentary and good links on the award-winning AP photographer/stringer Bilal Hussein. How he might have been so consitently in position to photograph terrorist strikes is of interest to authorities in Iraq:
The Associated Press tried to ignore the black eye it garnered for its repeated use of stories from Iraq by Jamil Hussein, created from whole cloth as disingenuous propaganda to discredit the US.
I'm certain the AP will continue to try and spin this as a bltant violation of "civil rights" by the United States. It fits AP's bias. It damages US credibility, especially with the American leftwing sponges who don't automatically discount any story with an Associated press byline. It gets AP's ass out of a sling. TOC has noted some of the more egregious AP reportage.

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See, and all this time I thought the AP was fair and balanced.

So much for that misconception. Way to shatter my entire reality. :)