Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Channeling Mike Huckabee

From MEMRI TV via LGF:

Iraqi Researcher Defies Scientific Axioms: The Earth Is Flat and Much Larger than the Sun (Which Is Also Flat)

He knows this to be true because it's in the Koran. On other scientific questions I suspect he also heeds the literal Koran. For example, I suspect he diverges somewhat from Darwin - evolution theory-wise. He could probably find a sura demonstrating that only Jews are "descended" from Apes (and Pigs).

But, then, he didn't bring up Mormons, either.

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Rip Ragged said...


Nice place you have here. Thought I ought to drop over after your comments at my place.

I've always been a Churchill admirer. Too bad he isn't around today. We'd probably be mopping up a completed mission in the Middle East about now.