Monday, May 26, 2008


The Associated Press claimed on Thursday that top Iraqi Shiite cleric Ayatollah Ali Sistani was issuing anti-American fatwas.
Iraq's most influential Shiite cleric has been quietly issuing religious edicts declaring that armed resistance against U.S.-led foreign troops is permissible — a potentially significant shift by a key supporter of the Washington-backed government in Baghdad.
When I saw it was an AP story, I had a good idea that it was either inaccurate or incomplete. Indeed, AP seems to have been mistaken according to the independent Iraqi news agency Aswat al-Iraq (Voices of Iraq). Check out the denial at the link.

See also: Busted!!... Iraqi Press Denies AP Report On Ayatollah Sistani, and Red Herring Fatwas.

I'm keeping an eye on Iraq the Model for updates.

...Insert segue here...

The other item, related only by the word "bogus," is NASA's photo demonstrating one effect of warming on the planet Jupiter.
Jupiter's recent outbreak of red spots is likely related to large scale climate change as the gas giant planet is getting warmer near the equator.
I wonder how the IPCC computer models account for this? Could be solar activity. Could be something unique to Jupiter. What it isn't is too many Jovians driving around in SUVs.

Note; rising temperatures have also been observed on Mars and other bodies in the Solar System. There may be reasons a computer model of climate change on Earth would ignore changes in the rest of the Solar System. The only one I can think of, however, is that our best models can't yet handle how our own clouds work, much less Jupiter's, so incorporating data from other planets probably wouldn't help improve accuracy. On the other hand, it probably wouldn't hurt either.

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