Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jeremiah had a Trumpet

Was a good friend of mine.
I always understood every word he said,
but I can't still wink at his whine.
He always had some mighty fine whine.

Joy ain't the word,
for all the stuff I've heard, now.
Change ain't the message that he gave to me.
It was white conspiracy.

And if I become the President,
tell you what you'd see.
I'd throw away the cars and the bars and the wars,
that's Messianic me.

Sing it now

You know I need the ladies'
votes to end my run.
I'm a high note speaker and effete lib thinker,
so stop clinging to your guns.
I said I want to take your guns

Barack Obama finally became "outraged and appalled" not by the content of his close friend Jeremiah Wright's speeches, but by Wright's temerity in calling Obama a politician. Wright recently repeated and defended claims, made from the pulpit, that the United States is a terrorist nation, that the US government invented the AIDS virus to kill black people, that the destruction of the World Trade Center by fanatics was the act of an angry God and that Louis Farrakhan is one of the greatest persons of of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Wright has been saying and publishing these things for years. It was repeating them in a Bill Moyers interview, in front of an NAACP conference in Kwame Kilpatrick's beloved Detroit and in front of the National Press Club that upset Obama. That, and the fact that Reverend Wright implied Obama's earlier non-specific, tepid criticism of the very same statements only occurred because Obama has to do "what politicians do."

Obama and Wright have both used the "Wright's statements are being taken out of context" defense to excuse sound bites that, in fact, perfectly and clearly represent Wright's mindset. Wright is still using it, but Obama cannot. Wright can still use it because he meant every word he said. His stated context is anti-semitic, anti-American and anti-white.

Obama cannot use this particular context as an excuse for his support of Wright, because Wright continually reveals himself as just one more talented bigot in the tradition of Louis Farrakhan and George Wallace. Wright is a bigot, a truther, and an advanced conspiracy theorist.

Along with the "context" obfuscation, examined here, these dictums:
  • 9/11 was God punishing the United States
  • The United States invented AIDS to visit genocide on Blacks
  • Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki were acts of terrorism
  • Hamas is not a terrorist organization
...of Wright's liturgy are the very things Obama now specifically says are beyond the pale.

Outraged? Appalled? Not me. You can't be outraged by business as usual, and it's hard to be appalled by the standard operating procedure. My expectations of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright were much lower than were those of his close friend Barack Obama.

The time to be outraged occurred absolutely no later than two months ago, when Wright's bombast came to the attention of the general public. We've heard since then that Jeremiah Wright stands behind these opinions.

What we got from Barack Obama's racial reconciliation speech was an excuse for Reverend Wright - as if he were just the crazy uncle in the attic. Helen Thomas with a pulpit and more melanin, so to speak.

The time to be appalled was during the five, ten, fifteen or twenty years Wright has been spreading his gospel of division in front of the very pews Barack Obama occupied alongside his daughters - when he could remember it was Sunday and his hearing aid was screwed in. We've heard lately that if Jeremiah Wright has been preaching bigotry as the foundation of his career, it's news to Barack Obama.

What we got from Barack Obama's racial reconciliation speech was a comparison of Wright to Obama's grandmother. David Duke in drag and with more years, so to speak. Ancavia Materna Culpa.

For a man posing as a post-racial unifier and healer, the time to be outraged and appalled might have been during the very sermon where Jeremiah Wright is quoted as saying, "...white folks' greed runs a world in need". Wright is quoted as saying this in Barack Obama's autobiography, Dreams From My Father. Here, you can listen to Obama talking about how this line inspired him. Presumably, he is now outraged and appalled by his own book.

Outraged? Why? Nothing new has been revealed by the Reverend's magical mystery tour.

Appalled? At what, repetition of the black liberation theology principles Wright's been pumping for decades?

The time for disowning has passed, as has the time for outright condemnation.

The time now is for reflection on the philosophy of Barack Obama. Obama said he didn't vet his pastor before deciding to seek the presidency. He said he was very distressed that attention paid to Wright has been a distraction to the purpose of a campaign.

Very distressed? I bet.

Distraction? This is about the character of a potential President. I can't see how it is a distraction when that candidate is running as the post-racial candidate of change. Far from being a distraction, the obfuscation and denials reveal a core element of Barack Obama's character, which necessarily defines "the purpose of the campaign."

In closing, I'll direct you to Stanley Kurtz' examination of what Jeremiah Wright has been putting in print since 1982:

Jeremiah Wright's 'Trumpet'
The content of the magazine produced by Barack Obama's pastor reveals the content of his character.

As Kurtz says; "There can be no mistaking it. What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it? Everything. Always. "


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