Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Marsupial Law

TOC has written a number of times on this topic, so if you need background just search for "Mark Steyn" on this blog. I won't repeat the entire saga here, but...

You should be following the proceedings of the British Columbia Human Rights Commission as it considers A) whether Maclean's magazine must be forced to 1-apologize for a Mark Steyn article, 2-publish whatever rebuttal some Ontario Muslims want, with no editorial control, and/or 3- pay big bucks to those same persons, and B) whether to ban Mark Steyn's writings from Canada.

As mentioned yesterday, it is educational. It also tracks a humiliation of the complainants which is as surreally humorous as they are spooky. That's saying quite a bit.

The best jumping off place for more background is Free Mark Steyn!. Spend some time exploring if you are not familiar with the story. Go there for updates if you are.

California has been considered a harbinger of socio-cultural change, for multi-cultural fascism Canada makes California look like a pantywaist. Unless we understand this it will be coming to the US in general instead of just our college campuses.

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