Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hey big spender...

CNSNews is reporting that in 2008 Wayne State University received a $2.6 million grant to:
...develop, implement, and evaluate a venue-based alcohol use and HIV risk reduction intervention focusing on both environmental and individual factors among venue-based FSWs in China,"
"FSWs" are "female sex workers" so, as CNSNews clarifies, that academy-speak project description means the general government has agreed to pay Wayne State University to "train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job," in order to reduce AIDS infections in China. I think we must add that "venue-based" precludes street-walkers. Chinese prostitutes have to operate from a fixed address in order to qualify for US taxpayer funded abstinence training.

You'd think an incurable disease epidemic serious enough to attract the attention of the United States at the behest of Wayne State University might be serious enough to attract funding from the approximately 1 trillion in US$ reserves held by the Chinese government. However, I think maybe they're not so concerned about it as we are. They demonstrate this in many ways.

For example, Cinese coal miners are 117 times more likely to die in a mining accident than are American miners. Ten Chinese miners die every day. Free health care for those seriously injured is practically non-existent.

More generally, the Chinese government has a one child policy, and they enforce that policy via involuntary abortion. The Chinese government will put a bullet in the back of your head if you are convicted of tax evasion - but they apparently tolerate prostitution and welcome foreign researchers dedicated to improving the health of prostitutes.

The question remains; if China, why are we assisting besotted prostitutes instead of coal miners? And if prostitutes, why pick Guangxi, instead of Detroit? Detroit has a sufficiency of safe-sex ignorant prostitutes who are prone to the abuse of alcohol, the travel costs would be much lower, and you don't face criticism for outsourcing the jobs. So, I'm guessing Detroit was rejected because it's too dangerous for the researchers.

The next obvious domestic locale, Nevada, has prostitutes who are likely already too well educated (for the purposes of this research) in the dangers of unsafe-sex, mitigating the effect of alcohol abuse on the spread of HIV. But you can't get a grant to study in Las Vegas, I suppose, that would be a profilgate use of taxpayers' money. "Shovel ready" would be an insult to Nevadan hookers, as well.

Wayne State describes NIH funding for three ongoing

HIV-related projects totaling $4,484,482 in grants in China. One involves assessing psychosocial needs among children affected by AIDS in Henan Province. Another consists of a behavioral HIV prevention intervention program among rural-to-urban migrants in Beijing. The third, a subcontract from Old Dominion University, involves behavioral HIV prevention among female entertainment workers in Shanghai."
We can surmise from the descriptions of these other research projects that China has a large population of ignorant young female peasants recently introduced to prostitution. So, again, why China? Because, if you want to show positive results from training people pick a simple subject and teach to ignorant, but not stupid (perhaps another reason to avoid Detroit), people. If at all possible, find a jurisdiction indifferent to suffering of its ignoramuses and that covets US$.

The particular grant in question here, "Venue-based HIV and alcohol use risk reduction among female sex workers in China" NIAAA Grant number R01AA018090-01, shows an expenditure of $469,903.00 in FY2008. The fiscal year for the general government runs from October to September, so FY2008 started in October 2007.

This is a policy decision of bureaucrats under the Bush administration. Most of them are still working for Obama. They must be very happy.


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