Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tea party false flag

A false flag is a way of lying by leading people to believe something dangerous and hateful is actually something safe and congenial, or vice versa. Progressive Campaigns Inc., is attempting to fly a false flag, on behalf of unknown "Progressives."

Chetly Zarko at reports:

Zarko Research Exclusive: Dem Dirty Trick on Fake Tea Party Petition Revealed

Zarko Exclusive Follow-up: "Progressive" Campaigns Inc (PCI) Hired for Fake Tea Party Petition

Zarko says,
Their own client list [Progressive Campaigns Inc.] contains a laundry list of SEIU, Humane Society of the US, George Soros, John Sperling, T. Boone Pickens, John Freeman, the UAW, and the Michigan Democratic Party itself. This is no criticism against Progressive itself - they are just the hired hitman and have been highly efficient at their profession over the years.
I disagree, that list of clients is itself a criticism, and if Progressive is highly efficient at lying, that's worth criticizing, too. Would you work there?

Let's be sure to let everyone know what kind of company Progressive Campaigns Inc. is. Their clients are statists, or worse. Their methods are objectionable and deceitful. They are willing to operate in the tradition of Reinhard Heydrich.

Put another way, if you like Alinsky's ideas funded by Soros, you'll probably think Progressive Campaigns Inc. is an upright organization with upright clients.

To reprise a point made here by Paladin: It's not the Tea Party, it's the tea party movement. We don't care about your political Party, we care about stopping the abuse by government.

Bad link fixed, sorry. 3PM Monday

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