Monday, July 26, 2010

Grid not threatened

So far, electric vehicle demand is not as frenzied as some have predicted.

Leaf far from sold out, Nissan encourages more pre-orders

What risk does a "pre-order" entail? A $99 refundable deposit.  Low barrier for early adopters, I think. 

Still, Nissan has only a little over 16,000 of the 25,000 US orders they targeted by December, even though it appears a big benefit of reserving your Leaf now is avoiding a $2,000 plus charge for the installation for your home charging equipment. 

Worse for Nissan, some potential early adopters are unhappy about the requirement to have their home audited to make sure its electrical system can handle the charging equipment. To be fair, this charging station is an optional item, but it sounds like you'll wish you have it if you buy a Leaf.  How else to justify $2,000+?   And that low price only if your house wiring doesn't need an upgrade.

In other EV news Jay Leno classifies the Chevy Volt he was loaned by GM as similar to a Cobalt or a Camry. This makes me seriously doubt Jay Leno has driven both a Cobalt and a Camry, but it's faint damnation in any case. Then again, the battery powered range of a Volt is about 40 miles and the price is estimated in the mid-30's.  A Prius killer it is seems not to be.


Anonymous said...

What is it about a Camry that engenders your contempt?

-lady astor

Hershblogger said...

The Camry is a well-built, reliable, non-descript comfortable family sedan. It is not like a Cobalt.

Comparing the Volt, aka GM's salvation, to the pedestrian Camry kills the buzz.

Comparing the Volt to the Cobalt reminds people of that which GM should avoid reminding people.

Comparing the Camry to the Cobalt is an insult to the Camry.