Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oxymoron of the day: "Qualified honesty."

MSNBC idiot says:
[T]hey [the Clintons] represent a style of honesty that the public craves right now. And that's reflected in the numbers.
Well, of course! I know I crave a more profound debate.

For example, parsing the meaning of "is," is much deeper than interpreting what is meant by "You can keep your plan." The "style of honesty," though, is the same: It's looking Americans straight in the eye and saying something the speaker knows to be untrue. I'd call that a style of lying.

Public preference for a "style of honesty" (whatever that means) isn't why Clinton is preferable to Obama. For one thing, Clinton's lies didn't involve actually destroying one-sixth of the economy while screwing millions of people: Clinton was content with screwing just a few and lying about it afterwards instead of beforehand.

In any case, the question is substance, not style.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


You are a CEO from whom a senior manager keeps secret the fact that a very expensive and crucial project is failing miserably, allowing you to talk about how great the results will be right up until it launches.

Do you 1) express confidence in the senior manager, 2) minimize the catastrophe as "glitches" and "kinks," 3) double down on how great the product is in a public speech, 4) blame the competition AND the customers, 5) all of the above?

If you picked number 5, you are the Leader of the "Free" World.

Next, imagine you are a Director on the Board of the company by which the CEO is employed. The CEO explains to the Board that he did not know about any problems until he read about them in the newspaper, and that he's working hard on the issues. He has used this excuse before to explain illegal actions taken by the company involving shipments of firearms, the death of four company employees who were not provided with security guards in a dangerous country and when the accounting department deliberately leaked customers' financial information in order to influence his election as CEO.

Do you, 1) reaffirm your confidence in the CEO, 2) tell him you know technology is hard and ask him to keep the product, such as it is, live, 3) give him more money to work on it, 4) blame the competition AND the customers, 5) all of the above.

If you picked number 5, you're a member of the Main Stream Media and/or a "Progressive."


It looks like more people are going to lose health care insurance (300,000 in FL and 160,000 in CA so far) than will sign up for Obamacare .

So, where is Hillary's "reset" button (she presented it to Russia’s foreign minister in 2009) when you need it? You'll recall that the State Department mistranslated "reset" into Russian as "overcharge."

Perfect fit for Obamacare.