Saturday, November 15, 2014

No women were harmed in the making of this shirt…

…though a few of the politically correct 'usual suspects' experienced a case of the vapors and elevated pressure of whatever they use as a primary bodily fluid.

I think I want one, though it’s a bit over the top even for me. Too much purple. ;) Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out.

Two cheers for Dr. Matt Taylor (minus one for the tearful apology.)

For balance, maybe we need a line of curtains, slip covers and doilies made from this fabric.

Update: 12:26PM
1 small shirt for a man, 1 giant leap backward for women:
-Glenn Reynolds
A sample, but RTWT.

It seems to me that if you care about women in STEM, maybe you shouldn't want to communicate the notion that they're so delicate that they can't handle pictures of comic-book women. Will we stock our Mars spacecraft with fainting-couches?
Update: 12:50PM
Apparently, Dr. Taylor's shirt was handmade by a female friend of his. Nicely done, Elly!

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Jason Gillman said...

Love it.

I want one too.

AND, I want to search out every possible Man on the street interview while wearing it too!